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AZ issues are not just Phoenix issues

New Voice of Leadership Delivering Results for Southern Arizona
Arizona's Sovereignty
  • Threatening to take over our State Water Management Program under globalist environmental ideologies

  • Threatening to take away our School Lunch Program for not allowing boys in girls sports

  • Threatening to take away our ammunition & guns abridging our 2A

  • Threatening our Arizona lands through overreach such as Heritage Areas, Region Smart Co-ops and Greenbelt initiatives.

  • Next- they are coming for your Churches, Farms, Businesses and your Children

Through vigilant and aggressive legislation or through Nullification Arizona can protect us from Federal Government Overreach and unconstitutional laws and executive orders. The Administrative State of non-elected Bureaucrats must come to an end.

Mental Health
Over 20% of Inmates have mental illnesses. In 44 states prisons hold more mentally ill people than mental hospitals. Inmates with mental issues are 4 times more likely to serve longer sentences. With little to no treatment available, Inmates are prone to recidivism.
Want to know what is going on in our schools? Check out JACK WOLFSOHN - America's Young Men in Crisis - More and better mental health services are needed in schools.  Success-driven curriculum that nurtures, instead of victimizing our sons, should replace the current indoctrination being force-fed in schools.

Mining & Engineering

Mining is the heart of Arizona industry. If cell phones, medical equipment and electric cars are on your shopping list, then you need to be the number one fan of Mining.


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