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A strong Candidate is only as good as the Grassroots from which they came. And without the support and teamwork of the Grassroots, the success and positive presence of the candidate will fade.
Our NEW Legislative District 21 is overcoming the hurdles of unbalanced redistricting and obstructing, divisive political pundits. With all this talk about "unity", SCCRC PCs/State Committeemen are coming together to actually have the open and educated conversations in which we have long been canceled.

Remember who our Opponents are - not our fellow conservatives. Look to the Liberal Cities and Administrative Overreach. Those are your Opponents! We encourage you to
Be Aware - Ask the Questions - then Compare.
SCCRC Events
1-28-2023 State GOP Mandatory Meeting - Phoenix

This  mandatory meeting includes the election of new first tier Executive Board members and Congressional District Members at Large. Also on the ballot will be Bylaw Amendments and Resolutions.
With another Election on the horizon in 2024, the AZGOP cannot afford to waste time re-inventing the wheel for operations and structural changes. Valuable time must be concentrated in fostering, educating and recruiting our next Candidates. Improved Technical abilities and Coordinated Outreach efforts must be implemented ASAP if the AZGOP is to gain ground and secure a RED Arizona.


(Review Coming)



2-21-2023 SCCRC COW Meeting
Continued training and organization for Legislative Bill tracking and support - continued contact with our Legislators on both sides of the isle is what it will take.
Learn how to participate in the RTS tool and join us in Capitol Visits. Don't forget the Local level - SCC BOS meets twice a month with agenda items affecting you and your community.
SCCRC meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the Nuevo Amanecer Christian Church. Bi-Lingual PCs are present to assist you.
Don't forget our PC Checkups scheduled for February 9th and 23rd Thursday evening at 6pm. Open conversations and progress reports from PCs about growth and success of the SCCRC membership.

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