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My husband and I moved to Arizona 5 years ago. With lots of options for higher elevation and cooler weather we finally decided on Rio Rico.

After having lived in many places across America our families now live in California, Utah and Phoenix.

We didn't have much growing up but every summer we packed the trailer, hopped into the car and went on an adventure. 

It's the one everlasting gift you can give to your family. Take the time to "see America first".


For many years I have worked for Criminal Investigation Divisions which included such duties as training law enforcement officers, supervising departments, developing policies and procedures, procuring funding grants, providing expert witness testimony in court, auditing departments and assessing forensic laboratories. 
Quality assurance and accountability are at the top of my list and I will take those attributes with me to the legislature. Having followed the constitution and the rule of law throughout my career, it is only natural that I should continue on that path.


Life experiences have a big impact on character. I appreciate my small town upbringing with church picnics, marching band practice, and water skiing up the Mississippi river. Besides seeing America first, I have traveled to Canada, China, Barbados and Mexico. I've hunted with my father and range qualified with my co-workers. I come from a military service family but did not have the opportunity to serve myself. I served my country fighting crime in my own back yard. There is nothing more rewarding than solving a heinous homicide and bringing resolution to a grieving family or community. As a past Grassroots Coordinator to a national organization I know that I can work across the aisle with my legislative team and bring success to Arizona.


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